Developer Links – 14-06-2009

App SchoolDamien Mulley and the Collisons are running a (somewhat pricey) introduction to iPhone development course. Will be interesting to see what sort of takeup they get; best of luck to them!

The Grand Plan – Article in the Times from Patrick Collison on how he thinks Ireland should be investing in technology. I’m not convinced :)

Mark Zuckerberg talks about Facebook as a platform – Robert Scoble interviews Mark Zuckerberg on his new Building 43 site.

Hemlock – This is an XMPP-based framwork, replacing AJAX for real time updates. Very interesting.

MySQL Meetup Dublin – Echolibre are hosting a MySQL meetup, I signed up but (un)fortunately will be in France at the time, so my space should be up for grabs soon.

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