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Things You Didn’t Know About – Twitter streams

In case you’re interested, here’s a current list of the various presences on Twitter, not including the obvious plethora of regular users and moderators who have accounts! I’ll be mirroring this post over on the new Blog, just in case you see this article appear twice in your reader. Founders: @devore – Much […]

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Quick post to say that the opening feature of last night’s “Capital D” programme on RTE 1 was a special on It features the Drama Group (No Drama) and the Soccer Team (Boardeaux), as well as Tom Murphy (DeVore) dropping in pearls of wisdom here and there throughout. If you’re in the […]

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Things You Didn’t Know About – FOAF

This is going to be the first in a series of posts “documenting” (I use the term loosely) largely unknown or unused features of, stuff that you don’t generally find in your bog standard vBulletin install. I may occasionally post something of community significance, but my primary goal is to inform interested techies The […]

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April Fool – Facebook Buys

Well this was I spent a good portion of of my working day doing on March 31st. About two weeks ago, the supermoderators, administrators and employees of starting asking what we should do for April Fool’s day. I had been poking around on earlier and had come across a Facebook style skin, so […]

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