Things You Didn’t Know About – Twitter streams

In case you’re interested, here’s a current list of the various presences on Twitter, not including the obvious plethora of regular users and moderators who have accounts! I’ll be mirroring this post over on the new Blog, just in case you see this article appear twice in your reader.


@devore – Much underused (ie, never used) account of Tom Murphy, aka “DeVore”.

@johnbreslin – Account of Dr. John “Cloud” Breslin, researcher and lecturer at NUIG.

@ecksorJerry “ecksor” Connolly.

@regiDan King, aka “regi”, Digiweb Hosting.


@boards_ie – Originally used for downtime notifications, now the “official” twitter account, this account is maintained by the staff and occasionally the founders to notify followers of interesting related bits of information, including blog posts, mentions in the media… and downtime notifications :)

@duggan – Me, Ross Duggan. First non-director employee of, lead developer.

@IRLConorConor McDermottroe, second addition to the technical team after myself. Senior developer – he has the smarts.

@darraghdoyleDarragh Doyle, community manager for as well as somewhat prolific blogger.

@ShiminayDav Waldron, also community manager for F*ckin’ metal.

Automated Feeds:

@bargainalerts – Feed of new threads from the Bargain Alerts forum.

@boards_top – automatic amalgam of various threads/posts from deemed to be of significance in one way or another, through some basic queries.

@adverts_ie – Feed of the FS Computer Harware section of

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