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The New Media Rags (bit of a rant)

“Social Media” news sites are swiftly becoming the tabloids of the 21st century, exemplified by dumb posts like this, as well as the latest example of linkbaiting from Techcrunch.¬†For example, I feel that there’s a big, gaping hole in the world of tech news and information. I find myself turning more and more to Google […]

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Developer Links – 14-06-2009

App School – Damien Mulley and the Collisons are running a (somewhat pricey) introduction to iPhone development course. Will be interesting to see what sort of takeup they get; best of luck to them! The Grand Plan – Article in the Times from Patrick Collison on how he thinks Ireland should be investing in technology. […]

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DeveLinks – 24-05-2009

IE6 Update – A rehash of the Trick-People-Into-Upgrading-IE idea that still fails to realize the primary problem that a large percentage of IE6 users are only doing so for backward compatibility with legacy software firms can’t afford to have rewritten (via @AMcDermott). Facebook Developer Garage Ireland – Another Facebook dev event is running in Ireland […]

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Web Development Should Be a Third Level Degree

I’m a college drop out. This is not something I’m particularly proud of, but it is a fact of my educational life and something that hung over me like the proverbial Damoclean sword for some time post-college; it caused problems where none existed, robbed me of some self confidence and continues to affect me to […]

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Develinks – 24-04-2009

Oracle buys Sun Microsystems – Big news this week, Oracle, MySQL’s oldest rival, is purchasing Sun Microsystems, the current owners of MySQL. Lots of articles that make for interesting reading in hindsight now. Interesting perspective here. Google Analytics API – Google have finally opened up Google Analytics via an API, which opens up all sorts […]

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Ze Frank and Jonah Peretti at the Science Gallery, Trinity

Towards the end of the working day on Friday, Darragh casually mentioned that he was going to see “some guy called Ze Frank” at the Science Gallery in Trinity that evening. Immediately I was asking to tag along, because Ze is probably one of the funniest people I have ever encountered, online or off. Like […]

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DeveLinks – 17-04-2009

Little bit weak on the links today, but here we go: Prezi – Throw out Powerpoint, this is how your presentations should look How Not To Redesign a Political Website – blog post from Steph highlighting just how similar the new FG site is to the BBC site. Talk about caught with your pants down. […]

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DeveLinks – 03-04-2009

Directly stolen convention from Irish blogs that I assume stems from Damien Mulley‘s Fluffy Links, “DeveLinks” will attempt to be no more than a weekly list of interesting web development related links collected from Twitter, emails, and various social and news portals. There are other blogs for other randomly curious links, and my twitter feed, […]

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Facebook challenging Twitter?

Update: A better written article. Update 2: Alternate POV. Probably common knowledge at this stage, but Facebook has made a definite move towards taking over the “microblogosphere” of Twitter with the recent update to their newsfeed feature. I’ve never directly compared Twitter to the Facebook newsfeed, because I don’t see their usage as overlapping. Twitter, […]

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Awful Google Links

What is up with Google search engine results for the last few months? I can’t be the only person who uses Google like this. If I’m looking for a URL for something I’m referencing in a blog post, or on, or on Twitter, I’ll run a quick Google search (knowing I’ll find the correctl […]

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