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Links for Friday, 3rd December 2010

Paul Conroy has written a little bookmarlet to add imgur previews to the Twitter web interface, and has a detailed explanation of how he’s done it. The Algorithm + the Crowd is not enough. I have a response post gestating. Defecting by Accident, A Flaw Common to Analytical People. This is “How to Win Friends […]

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Links for 7th April, 2010

Leslie Jensen-Inman via A List Apart, examines the use of colour. Worth a read, especially for the tools she highlights: Graybit – see the web as a colourblind person sees it. Color Scheme Designer – impressive tool for color matching and testing. Check My Colours – Checks a URL for potential contrast problems. Clay Shirky […]

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Links for 31st March 2010

Prescient – “The End of Practical Obscurity” (dated 21/05/2003) Further evidence supporting the idea that Apple is planning to cut the legs out from underneath Google. Discussion: Students and professional developers take on the “skill shortage” in the IT sector ( Mark Dennehy’s take. Somewhat prescient, somewhat wacky – What the future looked like in […]

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Privacy by obscurity

In the same minute that I pressed “publish” on this blog entry, it was downloaded by search engines, chopped up into keywords and indexed for the world to find. It was downloaded into RSS readers. If it were something significant or vaguely interesting to someone, it might be copied to another blog, a forum, linked […]

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Are Apple making a play to cripple Google/Microsoft?

Just a thought that came out of a cafĂ© conversation with Conor; the increasing effort from Apple to eradicate Adobe’s Flash platform from their devices could be a subversive attack on the advertising revenue of both Google and Microsoft. We know that Apple owns the high end of consumer laptop purchases and holds a significant […]

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RE: Is Facebook unethical, clueless or unlucky?

In response to the three questions proposed by Jason Calacanis today: 1. Is Facebook clueless, unethical or just unlucky? Why? I don’t believe that Facebook could possibly be clueless; they’re one of the few companies that gets to take their pick of what talent is available to the industry. This is a slip into the […]

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Mindset of the mob – a response to John Waters

An opinion piece about the effect of “new forms” of communication appeared in the Irish Times on Friday last, written by John Waters. While the piece makes some succinct and witty observations, I believe that it fails to comprehend the breadth of application of what is collectively referred to as “new media” (with scope as […]

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Irish URL shortening services

Does it make a difference whether or not one uses an Irish URL shortening service? I find myself using (not Irish) more and more due to how much better integrated it seems to be with services from Twitter to WordPress. It appears to be inching ahead of myriad other potential services, though I think […]

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Developer Links – 27-07-2009

Some of these are a couple of months old, but not out of date if you haven’t seen them Easy Retweet Button – John Resig, authour of the jQuery library, has written a little script to do a nice, simple and effective “retweet” button. A Programmer’s Bookshelf – My esteemed colleague, Conor McDermottroe, has written […]

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Make DestroyTwitter client look like the Irish Times

Ho ho ho, hilarious, I know. PS: Tweetie for mac and iPhone is the only Twitter client worth using.

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