Links for Friday, 3rd December 2010

Paul Conroy has written a little bookmarlet to add imgur previews to the Twitter web interface, and has a detailed explanation of how he’s done it.

The Algorithm + the Crowd is not enough. I have a response post gestating.

Defecting by Accident, A Flaw Common to Analytical People. This is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” digested into a blog post for nerds.

Potentially Consistent, or why your MySQL master-slave setup is not “Eventually Consistent”.

This post and this video are a good introduction to Clojure.

Kafka is a roll-your-own SNS from the guys at LinkedIn (though I’m sure they wouldn’t describe it that way).

First class APIs, by @h.

What the HTTP is CouchApp?

Engineering Shortage Is Real. Former Digg Engineer Gets 7 Offers, Takes One for $150K. Good news for software engineers.

This is a really cool take on introducing an application.

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