Developer Links – 27-07-2009

Some of these are a couple of months old, but not out of date if you haven’t seen them :)

Easy Retweet Button – John Resig, authour of the jQuery library, has written a little script to do a nice, simple and effective “retweet” button.

A Programmer’s Bookshelf – My esteemed colleague, Conor McDermottroe, has written a short list of books he recommends for the working programmer.

There are no small changes and Every pixel counts – Des Traynor with two insightful articles on user interface design.

The myth of the genius programmer – Google tech talk (via Justin Mason)

Advice: It is not a debate – Great post from Robin Blandford on the subject of taking criticism. Not strictly a “developer” link, but I think a very important lesson to learn for anyone who makes decisions that will directly impact people. Developers are often part-time project managers, it should be noted.

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