Irish URL shortening services

Does it make a difference whether or not one uses an Irish URL shortening service?

I find myself using (not Irish) more and more due to how much better integrated it seems to be with services from Twitter to WordPress. It appears to be inching ahead of myriad other potential services, though I think there’s opportunity for the .ie brand to be made use of, as well as potentially tailoring the service to Irish Internet user idiosyncrasies somehow.

The three shorteners that I’m aware of are: – Collaborative effort by Webstrong and echolibre, this would be the strongest contender to in my book, I have it set as the default shortener for several of the @boards_ie twitter streams. – Around as long as I’ve been using URL shortening services, used to be quite flakey with complex URL strings (or anything with a ? in it) but those problems seem to be sorted these days. Shorter URL than too, which is a bonus if you wish to eke out an extra couple of chars. – Doesn’t appear to be online at the time I’m writing this post, so possibly not a top recommendation, although another with a nice, short URL that makes sense.

Are there other (.ie) shortening services that I’m leaving out?

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